Ultraviolet Disinfection (UV) & Filtration Plant Installed at at one of Europe’s most prestigious stations by ph Water & Air Technologies

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Ultraviolet Disinfection & Filtration plant installed at one of the most famous railway stations in England & now the terminus for the Eurostar services through the Channel Tunnel.

ph Water & Air Technologies were contracted to undertake the replacement of the UV disinfection filter at St Pancras International Station. The scope of works included the installation of a pre filter and associated valves which  required significant pipework modification in order to incorporate the new layout using press-fit copper and flanged fittings.

St. Pancras station opened in 1868 and is one of the wonders of Victorian engineering. Along with the former Midland Grand Hotel, it is a masterpiece of Victorian Gothic architecture and one of the most elegant stations in the World. St Pancras Station features a range of shops from recognised brands and retailers and with the mains water supply to the site being isolated for the duration of the works, careful planning and coordination was required in order not to disrupt the services at one of London’s most prestigious and busiest transport hubs.

Equipment installed:

Ultra Violet Disinfection Plant with UV Intensity Monitor & 5 x Cartridge pre filter.

N.B. Pre-filters are necessary in order to remove contaminants such as dirt & debris from the water which without would stop the UV light from reaching bacteria and limit its effectiveness.

What is UV disinfection system and how does it work?

UV treatment is an extremely rapid physical process that causes a molecular rearrangement of the genetic material, known as DNA, of the microorganism, which renders it inactive and incapable of causing infection.

How does a UV disinfection system work:

UV disinfection technology uses 253.7 nanometer ultraviolet (UV) light to kill microorganisms. It is effective in destroying the nucleic acids in these organisms so that their DNA is disrupted, leaving them unable to perform vital cellular functions or cause infections.

No bacteria, viruses, moulds or their spores can survive when exposed to the correct dose of UV light.

Where can it be used:

It can be used in many different applications ranging from the purification of drinking water in homes to disinfecting the water supply within buildings and even district water supplies. UV treatment is recognised as the safer, environmentally-friendly and more cost-effective way to disinfect water for industrial applications.


  1. Lower running cost
  2. Simple and failsafe operation:
  3. Compact
  4. Environmentally friendly
  5. Safe
  6. Energy efficient

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