Refurbishment & Installation of Cold Water Storage Tanks

Here at ph Water & Air Technologies we are able to provide expert relining, and refurbishment solutions to your water storage tanks.

Using solvent free polyurethane coatings which offers numerous economic, technical and environmental features and benefits we can repair defective and leaking water storage tanks, cooling towers, containment bunds and other liquid retaining structures.

In fact we are so confident of our coating system that we guarantee it for up to 10 years.


  • WRAS Approved
  • Complete Solvent Free Technology
  • High degree of flexibility @ > 35%, capable of accommodating structural movement compared with resin / epoxy / bitumastic coatings of <1.0%
  • Superb adhesion to steel, concrete, GRP and many other substrates.
  • High levels of impact and chemical resistance.
  • Long life performance with minimal maintenance and an easy clean, ceramic tile-like finish
  • Excellent track record for applications such as drinking water tanks, cooling towers, reservoirs etc.
Clean Water

In addition to re-lining services, we can also supply and install new cold-water storage tanks or upgrade your existing to ensure it complies with the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 and has the following components:

  • Insulated tank and pipe work
  • Fitted lid with lid vent
  • Warning pipe
  • Insect screens fitted to the warning and overflow pipework
  • Inlet and outlet on opposite side or retrofitting sparge pipes to ensure good water flow through the tank

ph Water Technologies installations are carried out in compliance with the Water Research Council Guidance and Water Supply Regulations, with due regard to ACoP L8 4th Edition.