Water Conditioners

Water conditioning offers a nucleation effect, its not permanent in the water & can be used on potable systems.

What are water conditioners? 

Water conditioners are an alternative to water softeners without the need to use ion exchange. They use either zinc liberation, magnets, catalytic reactions, or seed creation.

This method prematurely precipitates the hardness salts out of solutions reducing the potential for them to adhere to the pipe walls or heat exchanger surfaces as limescale build-up.

The hardness salts stay in solution until discharge though water outlets e.g. taps and shower heads.

Water conditioners are usually installed inline on the cold-water services- this means that they require less plant room space.

Differences between Water Conditioners and Water Softeners


  • Longevity of the treatment- Where an ion exchange process is permanent a water conditioner effect is limited and can be undone when the water system is put under duress. 
  • System does not need to regenerate 
  • Does not to be supplied with salt 
  • Reasonably maintenance free