Efficient Water Management Solutions for a Global Data Centre

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Our client, a global leader in internet exchange and colocation services, faces substantial challenges in their water management due to a rapidly increasing market demand for digital and cloud-based services. Their operational challenge was threefold: to maintain regulatory compliance through the prevention of Legionnaires’ disease and to protect against corrosion whilst also maintaining cooling efficiency.

Ours was a strategic approach, tailored to reduce water consumption, harness alternative water sources, and incorporate cutting-edge technology, while also providing comprehensive training and up-skilling for personnel to ensure continuous safe and effective operations.

In collaboration with a market leading design and engineering company, a multifaceted and custom solution was designed and crafted, one that not only promised efficiency and sustainability but also compliance with regulatory standards.

Limpid Filter

PH Water Technologies fully skid mounted ‘Limpid/NTU-R1840 Duplex Media Filter’ for filtration of borehole water with pre-precipitated (by aeration) Iron and Manganese. Removal efficiencies of 96% of 4 micron particles without concern of bio-coagulation or wormhole channelling. Process water treatment flow rate of 65m3/h for cooling tower make-up.

Water Treatment Solutions by ph Water Technologies 

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