ph Water & Air Technologies Ltd are fully committed to providing a quality service in a manner that ensures a safe and healthy workplace and minimise our potential impact on the environment.

We operate in compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and strive to use pollution prevention and environmental best practices in all we do.

Being categorised as an ‘environmental’ company ph Water & Air Technologies has an obligation to offer, provide and consider these options when looking at each individual job or request.

These solutions are bespoke and will be offered on an individual basis. These include:

Biodegradable chenicals and components – reduce water, environmental impact

  • Biocides that have short half-lives – reduce environmental impact
  • Low or no metal discharge – reduces pollutants and waste
  • Solid chemistry – reduces carbon foot print
  • Maximized cycling – reduces water use
  • Zero bleed/blowdown – reduces waste, reduces thermal pollution, reduces environmental impact
  • filtration to reduce wastewater & effluent disposal
  • Green, environmentally friendly chemical solution
  • Electronic paper work and record keeping
  • Assisted solutions to reduce programmes which in turn reduces travel and offer reductions in emissions
  • Sourcing local manufacturers to work, project areas.

ph Water have developed a hybrid flushing methodology utilizing filtration and designed solely to eliminate/minimise water loss from closed systems during the ‘pre-commission cleaning process. This methodology is also perfect solution for cleaning systems where there is either an inadequate water supply or there are restrictions for discharging trade effluent.

We have now seen the use of filtration being readily used and is even recommended in the latest BSRIA BG29 2021.

Incentive schemes are also in place in order to actively encourage our office staff not to drive.

We are totally committed to provide cleaner transportation and have started the transition by changing our vehicle fleet over to Hybrid & Electric Technology.

Sophisticated vehicle tracking software has been installed which enables us to monitor driver behavior that increase fuel and have a negative impact on the environment.

We are accredited to ISO 14001 status and are a silver member of the Supply Chain Sustainability School  . For more information or to view and download our accreditation and environmental policy please visit our downloads page.