Acid De-scaling

Limescale causes a significant increase in energy input to the boiler to meet the same heat demand it will also insulate the water from the heat source and impair performance and heat transfer. Build up of scale and fluctuating temperatures encourages the growth of bacteria including Legionella which could also pose a serious risk to users of the system

Hot water systems present the greatest risk in environments which allow the proliferation of legionella. In order to comply with section 182 of HSG274 Where inspection hatches have been installed draining the calorifier and checking for debris in the base of the vessel should be carried out annually. The calorifier should then be cleaned if considered necessary.

PH Water can provide bespoke acid descaling solutions that include complete online descaling where hard water has contributed to heavy scale formation within system pipework

Calorifiers will often pose a higher risk of Legionella growth. This is due to high levels of scale and nutrients in a part of the system where water is at a temperature favourable to the growth of Legionella.
In order to comply with the HSE HSG274 Part 2 you are required to inspect your calorifiers annually by removing the inspection hatch or using a boroscope and clean by draining the vessel. The frequency of inspection and cleaning should be subject to the findings and increased or decreased based on conditions recorded.
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