ph Water & Air Technologies are one of the leading ‘Total Environment Solutions Companies’
operating within the UK.


Cleanliness, water quality and microbiological control are essential factors in safe operation of engineered water systems. 

At ph Water & Air Technologies we can help to ensure that your responsibilities are met. We appreciate legal and mechanical requirements of sites can vary greatly and therefore our bespoke PPM schedules are tailored to meet these on an individual basis.



With increased legislation and enforcement of Health and Safety Law, air conditioning/ventilation systems are not something to ignore any longer.

Maintaining the efficiency of your ventilation systems will not only ensure that you meet all Health and Safety requirements it will show investment in the well being of your employees and can reduce levels of absenteeism.

Plant & Equipment

ph Water & Air Technologies can provide specified plant requirements to bespoke solutions based upon individual site requirements. Anything from simple dosing pots to Water Softeners, automatic dosing controls to sample coolers, we can even offer a total package solution for cooling tower plant.

Pre-Commission Cleaning 

Newly fabricated and installed closed water systems can harbour mill scale, jointing compound and a catalogue of other debris. 

Pre-commission cleaning is the process of bringing a closed heating or cooling system to a satisfactory state for commissioning and ongoing maintenance of water quality.

At ph Water & Air Technologies we ensure that our team of technical experts and engineers are fully trained in the latest requirements of BSRIA’s Pre-commission Cleaning guide BG 29/2021.


The “Commissioning” exercise is possibly the most important activity in the construction process & enables the Mechanical and Electrical Services installation to achieve the environmental conditions desired by design.

We are members of the Commissioning Specialists Association (CSA) and following the latest CIBSE & BSRIA Commissioning Codes we will ensure that your building services are commissioned correctly using trained and experienced staff.

We provide our clients with a professional service whilst maintaining high personal communication with your project team at all times.


The understanding of legislative water and air hygiene requirements for buildings and individuals is essential. The failure to meet these can result in serious consequences that could include prosecution (resulting in heavy fines or even imprisonment) or ultimately the loss of life.

Our team of consultants can provide expert advice along with bespoke training solutions & risk assessments to help you comply with the latest legislation and UK Health & Safety Law.

Press Release: ph Water and Air Technologies joins Compliance Group

ph Water and Air Technologies, one of the leading environment solutions companies operating within the UK is now part of Compliance Group, adding to the group’s comprehensive portfolio of compliance services. Founded in 2004, ph Water and Air Technologies provides water hygiene and treatment, pre-commissioning cleaning, air hygiene, water and air quality consultancy, and water […]

Black Spore Fungi & Osmotic Blistering of GRP tanks.

Black spore fungi are common in GRP tanks and are notorious for spreading, predominantly where there is a combination of water and air at an ambient temperature. These spores tend to multiply very quickly and produce a grey or black jelly-like growth on the internal GRP surface. Black spore fungi can be as a results […]

The importance of flushing and cleaning a closed water system.

Pre-commission cleaning is the process of flushing and cleaning a closed water system, such as those found in heating, cooling, or industrial processes, and bringing it to a satisfactory state prior to Commissioning. By preventing corrosion and scaling, we can maximise efficiencies and ensure longevity of a system. Here are six reasons why flushing & […]


pH Water & Air Technologies were contacted in May 2020 by a large prestigious private school. During our first meeting it was clear that they had lost all faith in their incumbent water treatment specialist and required our technical expertise and support. THE PROBLEM Routine Legionella sampling identified colonisation by Legionella @ >15000 CFU/L. Sero [...]

Remote monitoring of closed water systems

Remote monitoring of closed water systems ph Water & Air Technologies can provide an innovative approach to monitoring closed water systems. Using smart alternatives to traditional instrumentation we can offer a complete water quality monitoring and control system which can be used to further enhance traditional monitoring methods. Applications Pre-commission cleaning Temporary installation - Either [...]


Have the Covid-19 lock-downs inadvertently created water safety concerns that has the potential to put users of a hotels water systems at significant risk? It is a widely accepted “fact” that water stagnation in buildings leads to Legionella growth. This has been amplified considerably following the COVID-19 building shutdowns worldwide, with calls for some intensive actions to […]

Safety solutions provided at one of Europe’s most prestigious stations by ph Water Technologies.

How the installation of ground level manway entry systems reduced the H&S risk associated with water storage tank maintenance & inspections at one of Britains most famous railway stations & the terminus for the Eurostar services through the Channel Tunnel. The HSE’s emphasis on preventing death, injury and ill-health in the UK workplace has been […]

Water Tank Relining by ph Water Technologies – A Cost Effective Solutions For Water Storage Tanks.

ph Water & Air Technologies were recently contacted by a prestigious London Hotel to undertake the complete replacement of four very large galvanized steel cold water storage, which had suffered failure of the internal coating and led to widespread osmotic blistering and corrosion.  Urgent action was required as the Legionella Risk Assessment had identified that […]

Ultraviolet Disinfection (UV) & Filtration Plant Installed at at one of Europe’s most prestigious stations by ph Water & Air Technologies

Ultraviolet Disinfection & Filtration plant installed at one of the most famous railway stations in England & now the terminus for the Eurostar services through the Channel Tunnel. ph Water & Air Technologies were contracted to undertake the replacement of the UV disinfection filter at St Pancras International Station. The scope of works included the [...]